Thursday, October 31, 2013

Musicology Now at 3 Months

Today marks the 3-month anniversary of this blog, not counting the beta-testing last March. People seem to enjoy it, and we've enjoyed putting it together. Here are the numbers:
Total hits: 11,906

Current daily hits: about 250
Top 10:
Big (Bad) Data (Robert Fink, 25 August)     802
Music Lessons (Bonnie Gordon, 28 September)     410
Scandals and Scores (2013 edition) (Ryan Minor, 22 October)     290
Louise Talma in Her Youth (Kendra Preston Leonard, 16 August)     276
New Beethoven Research (David B. Levy, 16 October)      245
Beethoven IX: the App (Andrew Dell'Antonio, 7 October)      243
George and Ira Gershwin Critical Edition (Mark Clague, 20 September)  216
Verdi at 200 (2) (Philip Gossett, 10 October)      149
Pedagogically Speaking (Stephen Meyer, 1 September)      144
Colin Davis in Boston (Margo Miller, 19 October)      142

Traffic comes to us largely from the AMS website and Facebook referrals.

We hope you will become involved:
  • Join in the exchange by commenting (click just to the right of posting time),
  • Repost your favorites on Facebook, Twitter, etc. (click in the ribbon below the post).
  • Submit posts of your own (Directions to Contributors).
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
Musicology Now will publish something on the order of 150 contributions annually. Turnaround time is all but instantaneous. Give us a try.

Trick or Treat

[Further advice from Dear Abbé:]
Beware of spectres tonight. You may wish to close the window before retiring.


Image: Victoria and Albert Museum

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