Sunday, January 11, 2015

Interview: Richard Taruskin

The fourth and last in this series of video interviews reflecting on American musicology features Richard Taruskin, interviewed by Beth E. Levy.

(At one point Professor Taruskin salutes his mentor Joel Newman, who has since died; see the Columbia University notice HERE.)
Musicology Now is investigating the possibility of providing transcripts of these interviews. Stay tuned.

  • 00:56 learning to write with impact
  • 02:30 the five-page-a-day plan
  • 03:15 mentors; Joel Newman
  • 04:15 RT as performer of early music
  • 05:20 dissertation on Russian opera
  • 06:20 19th-Century Music; California; Joseph Kerman
  • 08:30 changes of style over time
  • 10:45 writing for a large audience
  • 11:50 when is it finished?

Richard Taruskin is professor of music at the University of California, Berkeley, widely considered the most influential writer on music of his time. His Presidential Lecture at Stanford University, “Shall we Change the Subject? A Music Historian Reflects” (3 March 2008) may be seen on YouTube HERE.

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