Sunday, February 22, 2015

Red-Carpet Rollout

Our associates at the Society for American Music and Cambridge University Press saw fit to promote the “Oscar-worthy” special issue of their journal with a pretty good deal. Read on.

An Oscar-Worthy Special Issue:
Music and Sound in American Cinema

Warm up to The Oscars by discovering the Journal of the Society for American Music's special on Music and Sound in American Cinema, 1927-56,” offering a fascinating examination of the role of music and sound during Hollywood's golden age.” Included in the special issue are articles on:
  • Henry Hadley's involvement in early sound film
  • King Kong and competing methods in Hollywood underscore
  • Music, gender, and medical discourse in the 1940s female gothic film
  • Subjectivity and gender in Forbidden Planet's soundscape of tomorrow
You can access all these articles, for free, by clicking the button below. 

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*Complimentary access ends 30 April 2015.

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