Wednesday, March 11, 2015


OK, we confess to finding the following, from this morning's LA Times, to be the most perplexing (“confusing,” the students would say) passage about musicology we remember reading:
Because laws when Gaye wrote the song allowed only the sheet music composition, not the sound recording, to be copyrighted, jurors heard short snippets and a stripped-down version created by Thicke and Williams' musicologist with just Gaye's vocals over a bass line and chords on a keyboard.
 [By sheer coincidence, the curator's music criticism class—all 140 of them—arrives today, last class, at Mr. Thicke and Ms. Cyrus and you-know-what. The rubric [medieval meaning] for the week is “But Is It Music?”]

Stay tuned. We've sent down there for commentary.

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